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Export Using DQL

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 24

This video is a good start for learning about exporting data using DQL. You can do do more with DQL export. But, this is just a start.

Introduction to OML

(October 9th, 2013) - Video 25

This video is all about introduction to Object Manipulation Language (OML). Starting for a new programming environment. And also powerful area where you can work with objects.

Temporary Variables 3

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 21

Continuation from Video#20

Global Variables

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 22

This video shows all about global variables.

Global Variables 2

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 23

Continuation from Video#22

Temporary Variables 2

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 20

Continuation from Video#19

Ad-hoc Relationship

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 18

This videos shows about ad-hoc relationship.

Temporary Variables

(October 1st, 2013) - Video 19

This video is all about temporary variables.

Introduction to DQL

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 15

Here we are introducing DQL (DataEase Query Language). Which is a powerful scripting within DataEase.

More on DQL (Video 1)

(September 27th, 2013) - Video 16

On this video we are showing all about how to convert a quick report into DQL and work with it. You will learn about styles, style sheet, body, footer and header.

More on DQL (Video 2)

(September 27th, 2013) - Video 17

This video is continuation from Session 16. Showing more about DQL design. Even more to come on DQL showing all about processing.

Difference between Form and Table

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 14

This video is a good one to learn about the difference between a form and a table.

Main Form and Sub-Form

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 12

We are looking into more relationships and how main form and sub-form concept works.

Lookups in Field Derivation and Validation

(September 19th, 2013) - Video 13

This video looks into how to create lookup in a field derivation. Also looking at the how validation works.

Creating Relationships Lesson 2

(September 12th, 2013) - Video 10

Explaining about creating relationships. This is continuation from Video#9.

Creating Relationships Lesson 3

(September 12th, 2013) - Video 11

Explaining about creating relationships. This is continuation from Video#10.

Relationship and Crow's Foot Notation

(September 12th, 2013) - Video 9

This session is to explain about relationships and crow's foot notation. This session and next two sessions are very important for database design.

Creating Data-Entry for Report

(September 5th, 2013) - Video 7

This video shows how to pass the value to the report. But, this is done via using a graphical user interface (GUI) especially created for the report.

Creating Menu and User

(September 5th, 2013) - Video 8

Final session for beginners on how to add a new user to the database. Also shows how to create a menu. Also shows when that user enters the user name and password, next screen they will get is menu.

Creating Quick Report

(August 21st, 2013) - Video 4

This is the starting point for report creation in DataEase. Video shows how quickly you can create a report and send it to screen, printer or PDF.

Passing Variable to Quick Report

(August 28th, 2013) - Video 5

This video shows how dynamically pass the value to the report. So, report prints based on the value.

Creating Relationship

(September 5th, 2013) - Video 6

This is the starting point for creating relationship and understanding. Video does not show too much about understanding relationships in DataEase. But, it gives some understanding for beginners to start working.

Importing from Excel

(August 21st, 2013) - Video 3

This video shows how to import data from Excel spreadsheet into DataEase table. Also you will learn about exporting out of DataEase table back into Excel spreadsheet.

Creating a Form

(August 14th, 2013) - Video 2

This video is the starting point for anyone who begins. By creating a database, then form for data-entry.

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DataEase 8

Video Tutorials (with sound)

Installing DataEase 8

(August 14th, 2013) - Video 1

This video shows how to install the software.

Before start programming, you need to know how to install. And also you need the software on your computer.

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Introduction to ExecDQL

(October 9th, 2013) - Video 26

Introduction to ExecDQL. This is a new function only available in DataEase 8. Very powerful function. Video gives you an introduction to how you can use this.

More on OML

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 27

This video shows more on OML. How to hide and show a button, depending on a field value.

More on ExecDQL

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 28

This video shows more on ExecDQL. How to read script from a file and execute from it.

Introduction to CDF

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 29

Introduction to custom defined function (CDF).

More on CDF

(October 17th, 2013) - Video 30

More on CDF, showing how to open an Excel spreadsheet, URL and PDF document.

Custom Menu, Toolbar and Tab Order

(October 24th, 2013) - Video 31

This session explains all about customizing menus, toolbars and setting tab orders.